Last update: 03/10/2020

General rules

  1. The emergency status has ended.
  2. The general rules stay valid. When in public wear masks and keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Do not shake hands. Clean your apartments. Clean your hands regularly with water and soap. If you feel ill: Stay at home and call a doctor.
  3. There are hygiene concepts for the different areas of society like church services, mosques, events, schools, kindergardens, sports and so on. Inform yourself about the daily changes in the news and respect the advices of the organizers. You'll find some reliable sources of information here.
  4. For the asylum accomodations there is a valid concept of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior (only in German).
  5. Since June 16th there is a Germany-wide Corona Tracing App. The app fulfills all the general data protection requieries and shall help tracing the contacts of corona-infected persons more quickly. It is free of charge and not obligatory. You may delete it at every time. If you install the app on your phone and you get in contact with a person suffering from Corona you'll get a warning alert. If yo receive such a message please refer to the Gesundheitsamt or to a doctor as soon as possible.
  6. The corona pandemic is not over yet! If the infection rates rise again new measures may be introduced at every time. Please follow the news and stay up-to-date.

Please refer to the information provided by the Accommodation Representative of the Government of Swabia or the house manager.
Find more information on the Integreat app:              

Contact to Georg Schrenk

The office has reopened again. Visitors have to register in advance via phone and to weark masks. Only one person can enter the building at one time. When waiting you will have to wait outside.

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Mobile: (0176) 48041397 (also WhatsApp)

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